Privately-Owned Sites

These sites are maintained by private individuals, including the my own site, Suboxone Talk Zone.  I would anticipate adding to this site frequently, and if you own a site that provides information or commentary about medication treatment for opioid dependence, send your link to me via the comments section.

Suboxone Talk Zone
Why is it first?  Because it was the first one I thought of!  A physician’s long-running blog about the science and business behind treatment with buprenorphine

Jana Burson’s Blog
A physician writes about opioid dependence and medical treatment options.

Suboxone Taper
A recovering addict discusses his experience stopping Suboxone.  The blog has not been updated for a while, and so I hope he is doing OK.

Suboxone Doctors
A meta-directory of physicians who are treating opioid dependence—a ‘directory of directories’.

A powerful search of Subox Forum and Suboxone Talk Zone, providing information about a wide range of topics provided by addicts, or from a physician’s perspective.

3 thoughts on “Privately-Owned Sites

  1. I have a prescription for 8-2 mg suboxone i get the amneal tablets but want the strips how do i get it changed with my insurance i tried three times to get them to change it but they wouldn’t. What can be used as a valid excuse to have them change it besides that just i believe there is a diffrence between and the films. The insurance is not paying for the strips they need some clinical evidence to change it, but since there is no clinical diffrence according to the insurance company.

  2. My girl friend hasn’t had a orgasm but 3 time since she started taking suboxone and that has been a year now. Use to be no trouble. She says the Meds. Are there something she can take??? We have been together 4 years in June and was no problem. She is 32 and me 62. I will try and keep checking back here for the next few a email would be fine She is to embarrassed to ask her DR and I would if she was out of the room. Thanks much from the hill’s of SE KY Any help appreciated. Guess it was OK to post this here. Sure haven’t found nothing in 1 & 1/2 hours. My neighbor owns part of a drug store here and he don’t even know if there is something she can get. Please email me soon. Any help appreciated. This little lady helps me raise my Twin boys who are disabled and their Mom walked when they were 13. Just like to keep out life happy and going. THANKS SO MUCH Tom

    1. All opioids will have some effect on sexual response. She would benefit from taking the lowest dose possible– which for most people is about 4-8 mg per day. There are other things that can help that are probably too specific for this exchange— for example, if she is able to get herself ‘over the top’, she can teach you how to duplicate what she is doing. You mentioned your ages, and I don’t know if that is an issue… men can find a way to ‘finish’ even when all sorts of conflicts are going on, but in women any relationship issue can mess things up.

      It’s been awhile since you wrote… how are things going now?

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