Group Sites

Many of the informational sites about addiction consist of forums or group networks, where patients and/or professionals share their experiences.  While caution is advised in regard to accepting medical information, the experience of other patients can be invaluable in helping to determine one’s own path toward recovery.

Sub Sux
A forum for a group that takes a perspective against addictive medications, including buprenorphine/Suboxone.

Subox Forum
The largest forum of active users of buprenorphine-based products.

Al-Anon and Al- Ateen
Alcohol-based recovery forums for spouses and teens, with information related to addictions to other substances as well.

Narcotics Anonymous
Certainly the largest non-alcohol recovery organization, with members around the world.

Addiction Recovery Forum
Forum for users of many psychotropic substances, including buprenorphine.

Narconon International
A directory of opioid dependence treatment programs that market under the Narconon treatment model.

Medchats Peoples Medical Community
An international forum about medications, including buprenorphine-based products.

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